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" We Are Their World"

These four words say so much.  If you have ever looked into the eyes of a senior dog,

there is no question except, “When can I take you home?”


Senior dogs fall into your life and make an instant inseparable bond.  


They demand little.  


Companionship, good food, exercise and love.  


Their loyalty is ten-fold because as they age, the bond between you and your dog becomes deeper.   


They care about your well-being just as much as you care for theirs.  Perhaps they cannot use language as humans do, but they communicate in ways that will surprise and astonish you!


Sadly, they are overlooked.


Animal shelters assess surrendered seniors behaviourally, medically, physically, and socially.


Over 14 percent are euthanized if not adopted in a short span of time, because they do decline

in shelters due to competition with other younger dogs.  They feel abandoned. 


There are many rescue organizations now dedicated to senior dogs finding their forever retirement homes!  


Yes, they can be a concern if medical conditions exist, but veterinarians will work with you

to find an affordable, manageable and humane program for rehabilitation and palliative care if needed.  


Fostering a senior dog is an experience everyone should engage in - especially if you

have the time, and want to elevate your emotional well being!


Adopting a senior dog is an experience of joy!  It will make your heart full !








Two Willows Senior Dog Sanctuary.  Charitable Business No.  1000209366


    Phone 1-647-228-8645.             Head Office:  259 Farr Street, Fenwick, Ontario.  L0S 1C0

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