"Thank you to Lisa for her loving care and attention to our two "little ladies", Mitzy and Mopsy.  We have relied on Lisa in the past for short term kennel visits and were always very satisfied.

This past month we were forced to leave our little ladies for 21 days, but we knew they were in good hands. Upon our return the little ladies, although glad to see us, were healthy, happy and so gorgeously groomed.


Thank you, Lisa for your care and love. Your facilities, clear air access and interaction with our dogs makes a world of difference.


We highly recommend your services to anyone.


Our deepest gratitude,"


                                       Craig and Nancy Dunk










                                                                                                                        MITZY                                                     MOPSY




"Thank you Lisa for our cute little maltipoo Harley!!! We got him in February and he is our little bundle of joy.,, he adjusted so well with our other two dogs too. It's very obvious that he came from a great breeder .. I would highly recommend happy dogz retreat to anyone looking for that new addition to their family!!! The fact that you keep in touch with the new owners is a definite sign of a very caring nature towards the puppies. Thank you again!!!! "




                                Kim and Frank,

                                 Paris, Ontario

   HARLEY (right) and his

   new family.

Testimonials...  please read to the end

     "I knew from the first phone call that I wanted to work with Lisa to find the perfect puppy for our family. She was incredibly kind, knowledgeable and supportive of all my questions and requests. My daughter has allergies and Lisa provided me with alot of information on the Maltipoo breed, and then allowed us to come and visit for an afternoon to play with the puppies to see if my daughter reacted.  We were very lucky in that she had absolutely no reaction and there was the perfect puppy available for adoption in just a few weeks time!  Even though the timing worked out wonderfully, I was so comfortable with Lisa and how she operated that I would have waited a long time for the right puppy to come along."


We decided early on to name our puppy "GUS" and Lisa fully supported that. By the time he was ready to come home with us, he not only knew his name, but he was both pee pad and outdoor trained.  We were armed with cleaning products for a lot more accidents that never happened!  Lisa send us home with a large package that included everything we would need for Gus' first week or so at home - food, toys, a blanket and a set of puppy care guidelines that we refer to often. Even since Gus has been home with us, Lisa has been very quick to answer any questions and checks in on us to ensure we are doing well.


This has been such a positive experience for us that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is looking for a lovable, smart family dog."


The Murdock Family

Cambridge, ON



















                            EVIE AND GUS




Thank you Lisa for our cute little Maltipoo “Rio”


We have been looking for a puppy for a very long time and after doing extensive research and speaking to several so called breeders, I stumbled upon Lisa’s website at Happy Dogz Retreat. 


From the moment I spoke to Lisa over the phone, I knew she was the one.  She was so patient, understanding, supportive and kind on the phone and even without knowing me, answered all my questions.  I was so impressed that we drove almost 2 hours to look at her new litter of puppies in July 2014 and instantly fell in love with all of them.  We immediately chose our little bundle of joy and named him Rio… He came home with us on August 6th and we are absolutely thrilled to have him with us.


Rio is such a good puppy, so well behaved and super smart.  I am so happy we chose Lisa as our breeder.  She is the best breeder you could ever choose and I highly recommend her if you are looking for a puppy.  You will have no regrets.  She has a beautiful home for her puppies and takes such good care of all them.  Lisa is a true animal lover and takes special care to look after her pups. She treats her dogs and pups like family and adheres to all the principles of correct breeding, providing you with a healthy, happy puppy.


Rio came home fully trained.. both pee pad and outdoors.  We were nervous and expecting accidents at home but had no trouble at all.  He already knew to go outside and in a day was well adjusted to our home and us and is fully trained. He even knew his name when we brought him home and we owe it all to Lisa for training him so well and for providing her ongoing support to help us make this such an easy transition from her beautiful 5 acre home to ours.


Lisa also provided us a large package of food to last us for at least 2 weeks including a blanket, some toys and a whole lot of valuable puppy advice and tips which we refer to all the time.  Rio came home to us with his first vaccinations as well and health guarantee / vet records.


When she says she provides lifetime breeder support, she actually means that.  As a new puppy parent, I have called and sent text messages to Lisa as early as 5.00 am and as late as 11.00 pm and she responded immediately and helped me with my concerns.  That is a true value add.  She will never let you down and I can personally validate that.


Our entire family has had such an awesome experience working with Lisa and I recommend her without any hesitation to anyone who is looking for a puppy for their home. 


When you make a breeder choice, please choose Lisa.  It will be the best decision you make. There could not be a better person to purchase your puppy from and it will be worth every penny that you spend.


She will provide you with the most lovable family dog and you will have no regrets.  Lisa truly cares !!


Thank you Lisa for the wonderful experience and for bringing so much joy to our family.  You are amazing !! 


Wish you the best of luck and blessings always.


The Amos Family

Mississauga, ON

August 9th, 2014






I would like to highly recommend Lisa, as an excellent breeder. We have had other dogs/breeders over the years and she most definitely tops the list! In fact, we bought Rosie, our Yorkie Poo, 3 years ago and she has been such a joy that we returned to add another 4 legged member to our family. Daisy, is an adorable Maltipoo. We are so pleased with the pups that Lisa breeds that one was just not enough! So, we are so thankful to have half sisters...how amazing it that! Rosie and Daisy are bonding so well and we'll be able to see them grow up together, as buddies and sisters...words can't express how this will enrich both their lives and ours...Our matriarch, Hannah, our 9 year old Bichon-Shitzu is content to watch their antics from a distance.


Next, Lisa's breeding abilities are exceptional. Lisa's dogs are able exercise safely on the meandering paths on her beautiful grounds, in an area designed specifically for the well loved dogs. They are fed fresh cooked chicken, rice and vegetables...all natural! Their medical care is closely monitored with the Vet and Lisa's vast canine expertise. Each one receives some of Lisa's undivided attention, each and every day. I don't know how she does it! These are the future moms and dads of our pups and it was wonderful to see that they are extremely healthy and well cared for. 


Lisa's passion and love for her pups is demonstrated in her outstanding level of care and meticulous attention to details that she provides her pups. Lisa's heart for her pups is seen in her truly selfless manner...I can see that each pup is special to her. The pups reap many  benefits from their high standard of care. Their healthy diets, dedicated health care, high cleanliness standards of their environment, well socialized and loving attention...the list goes on. It's evident that this is much more than a business for Lisa, it's her gift and passion. 


I have witnessed my pups to be well adjusted, not fearful or anxious. Instead, they both exhibit very social and playful personalities that provide a most welcome addition to a home. Lisa takes her time with you, as you make your decision...believe me, it wasn't easy! She knows her pups. Lisa has a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of puppy care...vaccinations, health care, training and any other question, that I  could come up with. Her patience and support with her adults (new pet owners) is just as evident, as her patience with her pups. 


Thank you so much for the diligent work you do. It is hard work, Lis. Many families are blessed by the fruit of your labours. I appreciate. I most definitely recommend your pups to my friends and anyone else in the market for inviting a "heart-stealer", as a permanent resident in their home.


Oh...and did I mention that they are utterly adorable, to boot? 


God bless you and yours,


Lynda and Gene Audia
























Hi Lisa


It's Rosie here...........boy have I been busy!   Where do I start, I guess you heard I'm a hit in the neighbourhood, everybody loves me. I have 2 special friends, one is our next door neighbour, they call if they haven't seen me  for a day and say they are going into withdrawal. They are constantly buying me presents because they love me. Then there is a guy 2 doors down, he loves me too & keeps saying I wish you belonged  to me. I've met all the dogs & put them all in their place. Mom has a few more grey hair but I'm enjoying myself.


Yesterday my mom  took me to puppy school, I think I learned how to sit but according to mom, I'm not going to make the Dean's list. Mom thinks I'm going to need one on one training. I didn't like the place (Pet Smart) when I first went in but by the time we left, I acted like I owned the place. I was barking at dogs & walking around like I belonged there. Mom bought me a new toy ( a snake, picture attached) because I was good.


Last weekend we went away for the weekend. It was a 3 hour drive but I was good as gold. Mom had my bassinet in the back seat & on the console was a blanket, between the two I slept most of the way, mom had all my favorite toys & things to chew on. Once we got there, I had a good time & terrorized the dog who lived there. She was bigger then me but she was put in the bedroom & I was allowed to run around ( privilege of being a baby).


Every day is different & I discover new things. I'm letting mom sleep in a little, the other day I made it to & 7:00 am. Some days I'm pretty good at going outside but other days are I have accidents. Mom has been pretty patient with me through all of it.She tells me I have the attention span of a nat. lol. We have sort of settled into a routine, out for my business, then breakfast, the we cuddle & mom rubs my gums.

I usually fall asleep while we are doing cuddles & mom puts me in my playpen for nap. More play ( I have lots of toys), more trips outside, visit the neighbours to tell me how cute I am, another nap & so on.


I went to the doctor today, I weigh 5 lbs. I got my needle & it didn't bother me at all. Nothing bothers me, thunder, lightening, bigger dogs,



Mommy loves me, what's not to love. She kisses me all the time, if I'm in the mood, I'll give her a few kisses. We are having lots of fun and I think everybody is settling in nicely. I haven't destroyed anything, yet, maybe the kitchen rug, but that's because that's where I chew my bone. Mom has all kinds of things for me to chew, she puts bones in the freezer to feel good on my gums.


Well I have to go now, I'll write to you again & say hi to all my friends. I'm very happy in my new house.


Rosie & Theresa

Alliston, ON





From the first time Lisa and I chatted on the phone I knew something good would come out of it. Our intentions were to get one pup, but we left with two! After seeing how passionate Lisa was about her pups, and how my parents and I felt like WE were family as soon as we walked into her house, we couldn’t resist but get two dogs; Chelsea and Cooper!

We have now had Chelsea and Copper for almost three weeks; I cannot believe how well they have adjusted to our family! They are definitely people dogs, kissing everyone they meet (and everyone kissing them, but who can blame them!)


I want to thank Lisa for our two new members of the family. I recommend Happy Dogz Treat to anyone that I talk about my pups to! This has been such an amazing experience; I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Lots of love from Marina, Norm, Teresa and Copper and Chelsea

Brampton, Ontario




    The Lin Family, and Callie -

                  New York, U.S.A

We owe you guys big time - your pups are truly amazing.

Saturday was a big day for all of us - Vino slept in till 5:45 on Sunday morning -   the second day he slept in till 6:45 - we are so spoiled - that is about the time we get up anyways.  Not as much as a little peep out of him all night - he is so well adjusted we cannot believe it.

He is totally potty trained - thanks to you - he will always ask to go out - not one accident since he has been home with us - therefore he goes anywhere he wants in the hole house.  He is soooooo smart - truly unbelievable.  He already knows the command for sit and lie down.  We had company last night and you know who had all the attention.

Have a splendid week - the summer weather seems to be with us - so enjoy.  Vino will start camping on the 16th - should be a lot of fun.

Hugs to you both - you deserve to be congratulated for the great work that you do.

You guys are the best.

Rose - Charles and Vino

Ottawa, Ontario