While I have enjoyed 17 years of  beautiful puppy births,  I am retired from breeding.

I fully support adoption and rescue!

For those of you who are choosing to adopt a newborn pup, here are some tips about what

to look for.

Ask the important questions of the breeder.  Be invasive.  If you would like more info on how

to pick the perfect pup, please contact me!





Our Breeding Philosophy: What sets Happydogz Retreat above the rest? 


Our Breeding Program began with tested, heathy pups and researched ancestry. Time and devotion to the care of the dams and sires prenatally and post natally to ensure optimal health.  This is not only by diet, but by an exercise program, proper routine, training, veterinary care and LOTS OF LOVE...


We are licenced and inspected by all local agencies governing the breeding and boarding of canines.  All efforts are based in research and and an ever lasting willingness to lifelong learning to produce the perfect breed standard.  Our study in canine genetics sets us apart from those kennels with a 'livestock' mentality.  Each puppy born to us is precious, and receives special, around the clock care and attention up until we choose the perfect puppy parent.  Here is one of our mom's whelping!









Our Dams are fed pre-natally six times a day to ensure maximum nutrition and optimal health.  They still enjoy fresh air, exercise and loving care - and are not quarantined until their labour begins.  At that time, moms are placed in our special rooms (not cages or whelping boxes so moms and babies have a comfortable environment much like they are used to so they aren't stressed out by a different environment. 


During the first 72 hours we do not sleep, and watch continuously to make sure that the babies are latching, feeding properly, and that mom is showing no signs of distress, abnormal fatigue, is eating and having washroom breaks normally, and is enjoying her quiet time with her young.  Mom and babies are examined by our veterinary associates to ensure that all is going well.